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 I have known DeAnne professionally since 2003, and I am always impressed with her business acumen and ability to drive results for customers and partners with a sharp focus on execution and maximizing return on investment .  She operates with a “win-win” philosophy and strategically leverages her very impressive business network with an ability to create strong alliances.

DeAnne is a consummate professional.  She goes out of her way to make sure her clients are properly taken care of.  DeAnne also excels in her networking skills and supports a variety of important community organizations.

Eric Eimstad
General Manager, Miami Seaquarium

DeAnne is not only a fearless leader in our community, but her love and passion for what she does and helping others go beyond words.  As Chair of the Women's Business Council, she continues to inspire and motivate women to achieve their goals, grow, learn and most importantly work to support each other.

Brenda Vargas
Golish Financial Group

I’ve had the  pleasure of knowing DeAnne for years.  She brings experience, integrity and a wide resource base that she graciously shares with clients, colleagues and anyone else who needs friendship and professional guidance.   

Denise Grant 
Venue Manager

DeAnne makes business fun!  Her energy, style and expertise are prominent when she speaks, leads a group or embarks on a new business initiative.  Her referrals to my business are invaluable.  I appreciate her insights and judgement. 

There are people who are very authentic and natural about networking themselves and others.  They connect to and with the right people and are always advocating for their success.  They are kind, compassionate, supportive, strategic and thoughtful about who they align with.  They know the importance of quality relationships, not just connections.  DeAnne is one of those special people. 

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Current Chambers & Associations

Academy of Hospitality & Tourism/Miami Dade,
Advisory Board 

Arts & Business Council, MAMP Advisory Board

Ayuda Miami, Chair of the Board

Florida Restaurant & Lodging Assoc. Miami Dade,
Board Member

Focus Miami, Board Member

Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, Chair,Women's Business Council; Board of Governors; Pillar Board

The Women's Fund Miami, Board Member

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